Would you like to flow chart your life?

Imagine a world where instead of preaching doctrine, spamming opinions, hypocritical governance and conflicting propaganda, we all ask the right Questions that lead ourselves to joyful enlightenment, and lead the world through astonishing logic and shining example.

Imagine a blueprint on life that has not been written by just one person, but by the whole world, brought together by the purpose of creating a powerful, motivational, prioritised flowchart of suggested Quests to lead the world to success!

We believe that you don't need to imagine anymore, welcome to Questbook.

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Questbook empowers you to be better


How do we tap into the superhuman mind? By connecting the intuition and logic from the minds of many into one revolutionary flowchart. Would you like to benefit from the collaboration of your thoughts with the thinking of others? All Questions are phrased in a way so that they can be answered by a simple click - Yes, No or Other, which will quickly lead you to your bespoke situation in life; and if Questbook doesn't proactively provide you with a suggested Quest that is right for you, you can intuitively build the flowchart further to lead yourself and anyone else in your position to success.


What if Life is the game? We can optimise our enjoyment in life by gamifying it. Vice versa, we can also create a balanced reality when we game! Just for starters, gaming satisfaction comes from clicking our way to the top of a leader board, receiving points for playing, rising in rank. Points per click are matched to our rank, which gives us the opportunity, advantage, and encouragement we need to keep clicking towards the top! Of course, we will still get the rewards and joy that we naturally get from real life, from living with a positive, constructive, laser focus on what is most important. More gamifications will hopefully be added over time.


Are you brimming with curiosity and excitement as to what you might be suggested to do next? Questioning yourself in a constructive way can lead to the joy of enlightenment of why you do what you do. Positive thinking and finding solutions to mastering the soul within you, can bring you great joy. Another joyful part of being in a game is to be able to help and encourage others. Hence the social platform and soon to be developed, in-game chat feature, if you desire to try something new, cool, different, and trendy with your life, then Questbook is here for you! When you become a QB Player you become part of a unique community of likeminded people.


Do you see the benefit in questioning your own beliefs and paradigms? Do you listen to and utilise your own intuition? You have a wealth of wisdom to offer due to your uniqueness. You can create Questions and suggested Quests that lead people to a greater awareness, identify unique circumstances and assist decision making. Call upon your own intuition to guide you on which logical Questions to ask.


Would you like to combine your intuition with logic? Bringing them together can help you come to stronger conclusions and a more focussed direction for your life. Whilst some people might easily argue against opinions, they might less easily argue against discovering realisations for themselves, the pure amazing logic that is obtained from logical Questioning. You can add your own Questions at appropriate priorities to establish why QB Players might want to complete suggested Quests in a particular order. You can organise a flow of Questions that seeks to understand and establish any beliefs players have and reveal any contradictions. Would you like to make our perspectives on life clearer and logically disprove any false paradigms that might be holding us back?


Are you eager to share your own logical and intuitive Questions to help motivate and lead others to live a more productive and purposeful life? Are you inspired to influence / change the world and lead everyone towards success? In Questbook, even a brand-new player can lead immediately. Everyone can lead by adding value to the flowchart which will streamline themselves and other QB Players to success. When a player's leadership is combined with experience, in a future development you will be able to become a QB Leader, where you will be able to select a team of people that might seek your help, support, and leadership in playing the game. You can build a community with a spirit of adventure, where leadership, common sense and genius is highly valued.


Do you believe in self-analysis and self-improvement? We can use Questbook to build, develop and optimise our daily routine. Whereas a traditional to do list can be useful and even prioritised, some routine elements are conditional and so with Questbook you can also identify the conditions for relevant suggested Quests, have all the suggested Quests tied into a clickable flowchart for easy navigation and break down obstacles and chores into smaller steps in an elegant way. Over time, you can insert Questions that bypass any tasks that are no longer necessary as you grow and achieve in all areas of your life. Questbook can prioritise, improve, and streamline your motives, thoughts, actions, habits, behaviour, which strengthen your character. Do you believe in the power of affirmations? Repeating the same Questions every time you play acts as affirmations that pervade the subconscious mind till they bloom into your consciousness, harnessing the power of becoming a natural habit. Questbook makes life easier, and empowers you to be better.